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160m 1826.5 (1) 1843.5 (2) ---
80m 3522.5 +3 3782.5 (1) ---
40m 7022.5 +3 7182.5 +5 7042.5 +3
30m 10105.5 +3 --- 10132.5 +3
20m 14022.5 +3 14182.5 +5 (+50 for US General) 14082.5 +3
17m 18072.5 +3 18152.5 +5 18102.5 +3
15m 21022.5 +3 21292.5 +5 21082.5 +3
12m 24892.5 +3 24972.5 +5 24922.5 +3
10m 28022.5 +3 28492 +5 28082.5 +3
6m TBD (3) TBD (3) ---

(1) Listening down for JA; listening up for rest of the world
(2) Maybe SSB operation in the second half of the operation; split as announced
(3) One station will be set up as a beacon. Also the DX cluster will be observed for possible openings

Note: On 6m there will be only CW/SSB operation. No EME!


Most of these hints will also work on other bands, but with high QRM, QRN and QSB operation over long distances on 160m is something special:

  • Listen, listen, listen...!
  • You won't make the QSO if you just call but do not listen!
  • Never call us on our QRG! Only if you are 300% sure that we work transceive!
  • If we don't call YOU but somebody else stop calling. It just causes QRM and makes things more difficult for both sides!
  • If you can't hear us well don't call! First listen to the traffic and wait for your chance! Find out our operation pattern while watching how competitors make their QSOs!
  • If we come back to you and you don't reply then you increase the chances to get black marked!
  • To call where the cluster info tells does not help! We change split immediately when we find out that callers do not hear us! Instead please listen without the cluster what split the ZL8X op announces.
  • Don't call us too fast, use equal speed like ZL8X
  • Send your call 2 or 3 times is optimal! Just once is too short, more than 3 times slows traffic down!
  • If we come back to you with correct call, then do not repeat your call! We might think that we have your call wrong!
  • For confirmation use phrases like "RRR", "CFM" or "QSL" that we know it´s your confirm! If you repeat your call and disappear in the noise then we might think that you don't hear us but still call us!
  • To start confirming with "RRR", "CFM" or "QSL" is optimal! For confirmation our call is no more important. We won't log anybody else then you! Instead to repeat your call in the confirm better send RST several times! It's important for us to find out THAT you CONFIRM!
  • If we never hear your RST we won't log you! If you just give your callsign you never will make it in the log!
  • Listen, listen, listen...!


The goal of the ZL8X digital modes operation is to provide one digital mode contact with the largest number of DXers, giving these DXers credit for Digital DXCC purposes.

There will be no PSK operation.

If the rates on SSB or CW are not too high we will also offer RTTY operation on the bands from 40m to 10m. On 80m the demand for a CW QSO is still very high so we definitely will not operate on RTTY there.

RTTY operations will begin on the first day.

CQWW DX CW Contest

We will think about a detailed strategy when we are on the way to the island and of course during our first days of operation. But at the moment we can say that we will take part as a Multi/Multi station to give out the ZL8 multi to as many contest stations as possible.


In the last weeks we decided to take some 6m equipment with us which will be organized by ZL hams. The spare station will serve from the beginning as the 6m station. Besides a K3 and an ACOM 1000 it will contain a 5 element yagi and a rotator put on a 10m mast. We are not sure what we can expect on the magic band but we will run the station as a beacon whenever possible, we will put the station near the cafeteria where always anyone will be available and we will watch the DX cluster network for possible openings. Equipped with a BGAN modem for Inmarsat we have the possibility to be online in the DX cluster 24/7 to get an immediate feedback of our operation from our audience.

DX Code of Conduct

Please also have a look at the website of the DX Code of Conduct.