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News 27.01.2011

Written by DL1MGB, January 27th 2011, 21:30

QSL cards

Some of you already start getting impatient and asking for QSL cards. That's your right but unfortunately we had some delay in preparing the design. But we hope to get QSL cards to be sent by beginning of March. As we will have a special QSL card the design also takes a little bit more time than usual. Please be patient, it is worth waiting!


Some questions came up last weeks about our LOTW policy. As we already wrote in some news earlier we have following procedure to confirm QSOs after the DXpedition:

  • LOTW upload for individual donors; after a certain period of time for ALL others
  • QSL cards for participants of DX club QSL services
  • Direct QSL requests received via OQRS
  • Direct QSL requests received via mail
  • Bureau QSL requests received via OQRS
  • Bureau QSL requests received via the bureau

This procedure allows us to compensate some of the high costs of the DXpedition. At a total budget of nearly 150,000 EUR you have to watch your finances! Due to the high significance of LOTW in the DX community we handle LOTW equal to the normal paper QSL card.

We also want to remember all of you that the donations of the DX clubs and foundations are normally NOT there to pay for the direct QSL cards for each member. Some of you do think so but that's not true. The purpose of club donations (some of them already paid before the DXpedition takes place because that is the time when most of the payments have to be done) is to make the DXpedition come true! There is no automatic right for a QSL service for the members of donating DX clubs. It is only true for those clubs we have a special agreement with to deliver QSL cards for their members through their special QSL services. Herewith we want to say thanks again to all DX clubs and foundations and of course to all of the individual donors for their help! At the end of the day this kind of confidence gives us the motivation to continue; the next one is already in our heads.

If anybody does not agree with our policy and wants to get rid of his frustration about no matter what she/he should write directly to us instead of instigating the world with the half-truth. Thank you very much!