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News 20.12.2010

Written by DL1MGB, December 20th 2010, 20:19

Only one week back home and at work and it seems ZL8X happened some years ago. We are still overwhelmed by this huge amount of guest book entries and its compliments. Thank you very much!

Thank you also very much for the donations so far. These really help to minimize the enormous costs of the DXpedition. Thank you very much so far! An update of the donors on our website will be done after the christmas holidays before the new year. NOTE: We will not accept any cheques (as always stated on our donation page) which will be sent directly to us in Germany. These will be sent back. This does NOT affect the cheques which can be sent via the NCDXF. Thanks for your understanding.

For our German hams: Wir akzeptieren keine Einschreiben! Diese werden wieder zurückgeschickt. Entweder bitte einen normalen Brief schicken oder einfach eine Überweisung tätigen. Herzlichen Dank für das Verständnis.

During the christmas holidays we will finish the QSL card design to give the data to the printer after the holidays. Meanwhile we will start to upload the QSO data for all our donors into LOTW. This will be also done after the christmas holidays but before the new year. All donations done until December 30th will get a LOTW confirmation this year.

We apologize if we don't answer every email within 24 hours. We have families, it is only a few days to christmas and we also have to work. During the holidays we will have time to work on the emails, QSL requests, donations and all other "paper" work. Meanwhile the whole ZL8X team wants to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year!