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News 03.12.2010

Written by DL1MGB, December 3rd 2010, 02:27

160m operation update

With over 3,500 QSOs already in our log one might think that pile-ups are getting smaller on Top Band. But there are still a lot of stations who want to get their chance to make it in our 160m log. In the last days we observed bad behaviours of cluster users which makes our and the caller's life very hard. We have following advice for all of you:

  • Do not spot our split frequency! Those who hear us also can copy our split frequency, those who do not hear us should also not call us!
  • Do not spot us if we are already spotted! It just produces more QRM!
  • Do not spot us if we have to move our TX frequency to avoid additional QRM!
  • Tell us in the cluster when we are jammed on our TX frequency! We will read the cluster spots and can move immediately to another frequency.
  • We will only work SSB when there is no pile-up on CW. So please do not ask for SSB when there is a CW pile-up!

We are very sorry but last night our beverage to North America was broken. So it was very hard to copy NA stations in the S9 noise of the ground plane. We will repair it during daytime today.

RTTY operation update

You already might observed that we extended our RTTY operation to more bands than originally planned. This is due to the decreasing pile-ups on the bands. So if the pile-Ups in CW or in SSB are not too high we also offer RTTY operation on that band. Because the demand for a CW QSO on 80m is still high we will definitely not offer RTTY operation there.