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News 29.11.2010

Written by DL1MGB, November 29th 2010, 03:18

Contest Operation

When we planned this operation we just thought that we will take part for making QSOs and giving out the ZL8 multiplier to as much stations as possible. After some discussions we came to the decission that we could also run the contest as a serious Multi-/Multi effort to get the QSOs and get a good score. And we were not disappointed! Under normal circumstances the old Oceania record set by KH0AM in 1992 is history!

Please view the raw score of our contest operation:

80 1303 33 95 3850 2.95
40 2456 35 122 7270 2.96
20 2711 34 127 7993 2.95
15 3626 36134 10697 2.95
101284 32 77 3743 2.92
TOTAL11896 195 601 35022 2.94
TOTAL SCORE : 27 877 512

100.000 QSOs

On Sunday evening we had a short celebration of reaching the 100.000 QSO mark. Due to the contest operation we had not really time to do extended celebrations.

6m operation

On November 25th on around 0400z we had our first contact on 6m! We just put up the antenna, conected the radio and started with CQing when ZL1RS popped in with a solid 579. But so far it was the only contact on the magic band. The station is CQing on 50.110 in CW and the antenna is beaming to ZL (alternating with VK4). If you can hear us please call in or if nobody is answering on 6m please give us a shout on the HF bands or the DX cluster.

Further schedule

Of course we are already planning the next week and the end of our operations. From now on we plan to be QRV until Sunday December 5th to get advantage of the full weekend. On the Monday after we would take down all antennas and stations and pack all the material. On Tuesday we would load the gear back to the Braveheart. With an estimated time of departure on Tuesday evening local time we expect to be back in Tauranga New Zealand on Friday morning. This will give us enough time to buy some souvenirs and get ready for the flight back home.

Our operations in the last days will concentrate on special openings to Europe via long path on different bands as well as more SSB and RTTY (already expanded to other bands like 12m or 10m) operation. We also hope to get some more South America into our log!