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News 04.11.2010

Written by DL1MGB, November 4th 2010, 19:44

In about two weeks we expect to be QRV from Raoul Island with the callsign ZL8X. All team members are highly motivated and can't await the start of the DXpedition. The first guys are already on their way to New Zealand. Though we have transported over 2.5 tons of equipment to New Zealand (which is already waiting for us there) the advance party still has to organize this or that and take care of loading our equipment onboard the Ship. Because the Jarvis DXpedition was postponed by one year the vessel Braveheart was again available and we will go now with this well-known ship.

In the last weeks we decided to take some 6m equipment with us which will organized by ZL hams. The spare station will serve from the beginning as the 6m station. Besides a K3 and an ACOM 1000 it will contain a 5 element yagi and a rotator being put on a 10m mast. We are not sure what we can expect on the magic band but we will run the station as a beacon whenever possible, we will put the station near the cafeteria where there is always anyone available and we will watch the DX cluster network for possible openings. Equipped with a BGAN modem for Inmarsat we have the possibility to be online in the DX cluster 24/7 to get an immediate feedback of our operation from our audience.

Please visit also our chapter about operating. We added a table of our preferred frequencies and some tips about working us on the low bands, on RTTY, on 6m or in the CQWW DX contest.

Please also have a look at the website of the DX Code of Conduct.

Due to the world economic crisis last year and the interrelated effects on several sectors of our life we still have to suffer from the higher costs. For example a higher exchange rate EUR-NZD or higher transportation costs makes the DXpedition nearly EUR 10,000 more expensive than originally planned without any benefit. Because of this fact we are very proud that the German DX Foundation (GDXF) and the European DX Foundation (EUDXF) increased their sponsorship as a sign of standing behind our ideas and trusting our capabilities. So our appeal to you: Please also support the DX clubs and foundations. They are not just clubs. A great deal of the support comes from them. And they also have very interesting services for their members like regular magazines with compiled DXpedition articles and news or offer a QSL service like GDXF or EUDXF.

Also over 50 individual sponsors already made their contribution to our DXpedition. Have a look at our list of sponsors to find the right place for your donation! Many many thanks so far for your support and your confidence!