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News 29.08.2010

Written by DL1MGB, August 29th 2010, 13:46

Some time has gone since the last news. But meanwhile we were not inactive, a lot of things happened.

Of course last activities concentrated around packing our equipment for shipment by sea cargo. Over half of the team met on the last weekend in July at the QTH of DR1A where we collected all the material. Even our last minute action, the 5 monobanders for 20m to 10m, arrived just in time to get packed. The Spiderbeam team (Con, DF4SA and Andy, DL9USA) and our team member Andy, DL5CW, did a great job to complete 5 sets of monobanders including new designed boom segments and wire elements. The two Andy’s spent at least two weekends to cut all the wires, to prepare the segments and to assemble all antennas to check for VSWR and radiation pattern. Thank you very much for your efforts!

Before everything could be packed into dedicated boxes it had to be checked. Some cables were prepared, new boxes for the GFK mast, aluminium tubes and monobander accessories were made, amplifiers were tested. And every piece of stuff found its place in the boxes. Heavy cables and antenna accessories went into Big Boxes, GFK mast and aluminium tubes were put into orange drain pipes and electronic equipment and coax cable were packed safely into the watertight and robust Peli cases. Of course most of the equipment was available from our last DXpedition to Willis Island (VK9DWX) but nevertheless we nearly doubled the weight of cargo this time! At the end of the weekend we had 2.5 tons of material packed and ready to be shipped to New Zealand.

Besides packing we also had a small BBQ on Saturday evening. Robert (SP5XVY) has proved to be an excellent BBQ king. We will come back on his abilities when we will be on the island! A lot of discussions about the upcoming DXpedition had taken place during these necessary rest periods.

You may have a look at our picture gallery.

The other event in the last weeks was another operator change. Markus, DJ7EO, had to cancel his participation due to private and business reasons. After the resignation of Joe, DL8WPX, in April we have to do the DXpedition without another great mate and superb technician and operator. At least Markus took care of the sea cargo shipment and the necessary paper work. Markus, we will miss you!

The new member in our team is Vicky, SV2KBS. Licensed since 2005 she is very active in contests as well from her home club at J42T as well as at the German super station DR1A where she not only managed the huge 40m SSB pile-ups but she also started to learn CW and becomes now a smart all-rounder. When on tour you could hear her from places like Svalbard, Lord Howe or Easter Island. And now from Kermadec Island. Welcome Vicky!

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