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News 20.06.2010

Written by DL1MGB, June 20th 2010, 19:57

Preparations go on. We have worked out an antenna layout to produce decent signals on all bands from 160m to 10m as well as to listen loud. Except 160m we can run two stations on each band. And we will do where necessary.

On the low bands (160m-30m) we use only vertical antennas. On 80m, 40m and 30m we even have 4-squares to beam with some gain to desired directions. For receiving on the low bands we plan set up two two-wire beverages into the directions NE-SW (North Amerika vs VK/ZS) and NW-SE (Europe vs. South America).

For the high bands (20m-10m) we will mix horizontal and vertical polarized antennas. Compared to VK9DWX our QTH isn't located directly at the beach any more but on a plateau about 40m above sea level. But the antennas can still see the salt water (distance to the cliff is about 20m to 50m). Because it is hardly possible to simulate the antennas with this terrain we decided to use the vertical dipole arrays which performed so well at VK9DWX as well as monoband yagis at about 10m height. See also for more information about our antenna park.

With an idea where to put all the antennas we could of course assemble all necessary coax and control cables. For the additional vertical antennas we made some more radials out of 2.5km wire. Many many thanks to the team of DF0SAX! In the next days the monoband yagis will be assembled with the great support of Spiderbeam.

We again want to emphasize that the finances of the DXpedition are still in more or less good shape. But we also want to mention that the price for the boat charter increased from EUR 85,000 to EUR 96,000 (increase by nearly 13% !!!) only due to the exchange rate Euro to New Zealand Dollar (compared the beginning of the planning to now). This amount has to be payed additional by each team member. Nevertheless we count on your support! Please visit our website and learn how to help us! Please have also a look at our sponsor page to view those who already support us.