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Sailing with MV Claymore II

Written by DL1MGB, May 10th 2010, 21:07

We finally signed the charter contract to sail with the MV Claymore II to Raoul Island in November 2010. Nigel Jolly, owner of the well-known Braveheart, purchased this ship in 2009. Originally built in 1966 in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, she mainly serves now the route between Mangareva and Pitcairn Island to deliver cargo supplies to Pitcairn Island and to carry passengers between the islands

While the Braveheart will carry out another DXpedition at nearly the same time we are proud to be the first DXpedition to use the MV Claymore II. Though the ship isn't used to the special needs and habits of amateur radio expeditions the crew definitely knows what they are doing. Nigel and his son Matt have access to several experienced seamen which all took part in demanding expeditions (of course also DXpeditions like ZL8R, ZL9CI, FT5XO, VP8GEO/THU or VP6DX).

We want to calm our sponsors that this change to a bigger boat doesn't change the initial calculations. Nevertheless the costs for the ship charter (NZD 170,000 or around EUR 90,000) is quite high. Please consider to support us in advance. More information on