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Changes in the team

Written by DL1MGB, April 15th 2010, 18:36

We have to announce a change in our team list. Due to business commitments Joerg (DL8WPX) had to cancel his participation. Much to our's regret we accepted his decision. He was one of the main organisation team members for VK9DWX (and would have been one of course for ZL8X). But he already assured to help us in preparation as much as he can. We will miss his knowledge, skills and his companionship!

The new team member we want to welcome is Andree DL8LAS. His experience he got with his last DXpeditions (VP6DX, VK9XW or VK9CD) as well as his contest activities from Germany (DR1A, DR5X or DF0HQ) will contribute to an efficient handling of the pile-ups. Of course in past activities he showed his ability to work in the team.